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By Kara

On August 16th, we had another lamb born! Papa, three of my sisters, Cameron (an employee), and I all got to be there. We waited for the last 15 minutes of labor. The ewe was rather restless, and kept standing up, turning around, and laying back down again. A bit later, Papa saw the little snout and front hooves begin to come out. We were a tidbit worried because we weren't sure if we should help her, or just leave her be. But everything went well, and a few minutes later, a little lamb was born!

It let out a tiny little "maaa!", and its mother started licking it vigorously right away. It's amazing how well animals' tongues can clean! The lamb was all messy, but the ewe got its whole head and neck nice and clean in several minutes. The lamb opened its eyes and tried to stand up right off the bat. It tried to start nursing, but had an awkward time of it, because its mother was trying to clean it. A few times it tried to take a wobbly step, and ended up sprawled on the grass. It was both comical and cute. Cameron said that is looked like him trying to ride a unicycle.

We watched a little longer, and then one by one we left to return to our unfinished jobs. It was wonderful to see another little creature born into the world; an experience I will treasure. 

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