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What makes a pasture raised chicken different from the ones I buy in the store?

  • Raised in confined, crowded facilities, where the close quarters and cesspools produce weak and often diseased birds.

  • Fed rations made from genetically modified crop, laced with medications and antibiotics that transfer to the meat.

  • Consist of flabby, watery, and nutrient-deficient meat, due to the sedentary and confined life they live.

  • Raised on sunny, healthy pastures with room to explore the soil and be the chickens they were designed to be.

  • Fed non-GMO, antibiotic-free grain, grass and bugs, making their meat nutrient-dense.

  • Benefit from exercise, giving them larger legs and thighs that results in more flavorful dark meat.

  • Fertilize our pastures, making them richer and healthier for the other animals that will be raised there.

Tyson vs. Streblow Family Farm: an experiment

Commercial Chicken

Pastured Chicken


Tyson on the left, Streblow Family Farm on the right.

The Tyson chicken appeared to have a broken leg.

It is easy to see that the Tyson chicken was fat, and the Streblow chicken was muscular.

After removing the bag of "goodies" from the Tyson chicken, they both weighed 5 pounds, 2 ounces.


I had to bake the Streblow chicken (right) at least an hour longer.

The Tyson chicken (left) was falling apart.


The Tyson chicken's skin (left) had a white film on the inside.

The Streblow chicken's skin (right) was light and crispy.


Not surprisingly, the Tyson chicken breast was much larger; but it was also soft and squishy.

The Streblow chicken breast was smaller but had great texture and flavor.


The Tyson chicken legs were tiny, and the Streblow chicken legs were full of rich, dark meat.


The drippings from the Tyson chicken (left) were cloudy.

The drippings from the Streblow chicken (right) make great gravy.


Once they were both deboned, the two chickens made the same amount of meat.

The Tyson meat (left) is more white than dark.

You can see that as I cut it up, the soft meat didn't hold together very well.

The Streblow meat (right), with far more dark meat, has a superior flavor,

which reflects the superior nutritional value.

Putting our chicks on pasture
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