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Interview of Mr. Yoshi Streblow

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

By Julia

Interviewer: Good evening, Mr. Yoshi, and how are you doing?

Yoshi: Quite well, thank you!

Interviewer: Mr. Yoshi, the Streblow Family Farm recently was extremely unsettled upon finding bunches of turkey feathers in your domain. After a hasty countdown, they found-- to their great relief-- that their ten pleasantly sweet and terribly ugly turkeys were still with them. Have you anything that could quiet our infinite curiosity on this topic?

Yoshi (smiling reminiscently, yet blushing with embarrassment): Ahhh... yes! In fact, the mentioned occurrence happened but five days ago!

Interviewer: Do tell, dear Mr. Yoshi!

Yoshi (taking a sip from a beverage at his side): I shall. So, on the morning in question, I had determined, after a quiet breakfast and leisurely stretch of the legs, to take a refreshing nap under the deck. After turning about three times-- a habit I find I can not break!-- I quickly fell asleep.

An hour or so later, I wakened to a low trilling.

What was my great indignation and surprise to see my front lawn covered in turkeys! Not only were they there, on my own personal estate, but the toms! why, they were strutting about like they were lords of creation!

Interviewer: Whatever did you do, dear Mr. Yoshi?

Yoshi: I rose, and dashed out! I hoped that my presence would give them shame enough to flee, but no! I must confess, my feelings overcame me; I dashed into the midst of them and gave them slight nips to urge them on. At last, whether from pain or shame, they left. Then, quickly recovering my temper, I returned to my nap, leaving a small heap of feathers behind.

Interviewer: My dear sir, I must thank you for clearing this case for us. Streblow Family Farm will be most relieved to hear these results.

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