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Concerning Streblows

Left to right: Ezra, Julia, Isaiah, Randi, Joshua, Judah, Havalah, Fiona, Ariana, Kara, Lenora

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            We, Joshua and Randi Streblow, have nine children: Isaiah, Ariana, Julia, Kara, Lenora, Ezra, Judah, Havalah, and Fiona. We have the privilege of living on a property that has been in the family for several generations, just over 2 miles west of Granite Falls tucked nicely down in the beautiful Minnesota River valley.

               We began our venture into sustainable farming in 2016 due to a desire to raise our own quality food. Then in 2019 the Lord blessed us with the opportunity to take over our hometown bakery. Since then, we have enjoyed working together as a family both on the farm and at Carl's Bakery.

            We are committed to the principles of not only sustainable, but regenerative agriculture. In keeping with our highest aim, which is to do all to the glory of God, we are eager to  learn and grow in our ability to better steward our land, raise our animals, and enjoy healthy living.

             We are proud to be members of Minnesota Grown, Eat Wild, and the western chapter of the Sustainable Farm Association of Minnesota.

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