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Turkeys and Ducks


My name is Kara, and I'm the fourth oldest in our family, thirteen years old. I take care of our turkeys and ducks. We currently have ten turkeys and ten ducks.

I enjoy working with the turkeys very much. They dwell with the sheep in a large fenced area, where they wander about, eating grass and bugs. I also give them some grain. They are very friendly poultry, and they always run over when I come into their pen, making soft, cricket-like chirps. They have a funny side-to-side gait, and like to flap their wings a bit as they run.

The ducks, however, are very different. We keep them in a pond, where they are very content. But when I go to give them food, they always make sure to stay on the opposite side of the pond from me. But I love to watch them swim. They like to stick in a group as they swim, turning around or going forward as one.

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