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Broilers and Rabbits

I am Julia, the third to eldest in our family, and fourteen years old. I take care of the broilers (our meat birds) and our Californian rabbits.

We recently got 325 newborn broilers. Most of them are Red Rangers and the rest are Cornish Cross. At the moment, they are living in one of our coops under our Ohio brooders. These are big wooden box-shaped shelters with heat lamps under them.

As soon as they can live in grass without getting lost in it, we will move them to the pasture. My older brother, Isaiah, and I will move them once or twice a day.

Our last batch of broilers on pasture

I enjoy being able to go out to the pasture each morning. Our Spanish Mastiff, Buena, regularly accompanies us. Sometimes she is just a nuisance, but she can also be a real help when it comes to moving them.

Julia and Buena

Every morning and afternoon, I pick a lettuce-like leaf for the rabbits. They live in cages in the chicken coop. We have a buck, which I named Bugs, and three does. Soon, we should be able to breed them.

Gathering rabbit feed from the sheep pasture

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