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Our Farm


We are the Streblow Family, numbering eleven, living three miles outside of Granite Falls in southwest Minnesota. As a family we love working together to raise the best meat and garden produce possible.  We are eager to steward our natural resources in order to benefit not only ourselves, but the land, community, and culture in which we live.  We would love to share the fruits of our efforts with you!


Our chickens are raised on pasture, protected in chicken tractors, and are moved each day to fresh grass.  They are supplemented with non-GMO feed. Because they are raised this way, they get more exercise and more nutrients than industrially raised birds. This makes for higher quality meat with higher nutrients. Not only will you enjoy delicious meals from this chicken, you can also make rich broth by boiling the leftover carcass.



There's nothing like farm fresh eggs! Stop by anytime to stock up. $3.00/dozen.



We so enjoyed raising turkeys in 2018 that we are going to double what we raise in 2019. Our largest turkey was 36 pounds, and the best turkey we had ever tasted!



Our hogs are raised on pasture, moved every few days to new grass when the season allows, and fed non-GMO grains. No antibiotics are given. We will have Berkshire pork available in the Fall of 2019. It's not too early to reserve a whole or a half for your family!

Contact Us

320-981-0199 - Joshua

320-226-9685 - Isaiah

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